Generic Email Forwarder: Servers that host Mailing Lists


DMARC-capable receivers can identify sources of email and flag them as a "mailing list" if the receiver believes the source of email is a mailing list. In this case, the DMARC-capable receiver does not wish to apply DMARC policy against the email source. This local policy decision is specific to the DMARC-capable receiver.

Possible Action

No action can be taken unless the DMARC-capable receiver appears to be miscategorizing an illegitimate source. In this case, contact the DMARC-receiver directly with evidence of illegitimacy.


When deploying DMARC, domain owners often find that email can flow through forwarders before arriving at a final destination.

Domain owners then wonder if the forwarder is capable of interoperating with DMARC.

This directory contains information on the capabilities of various email forwarders.