DMARC.IO is a resource for deployers, operators, and developers of DMARC. Information regarding the following areas is available to help spread the adoption of DMARC:

  • Email sources/infrastructures that send email on behalf of other domains.
  • Email forwarders that impact email authentication and DMARC.
  • DMARC data providers that generate aggregate (XML) and individual reports (AFRF).
  • Technology suppliers that build and ship support for DMARC.

DMARC builds on the email technology stack. DMARC.IO aims to ensure that the whole stack is robust enough to support the weight of email.


DMARC.IO hosts a directory of sources, forwarders, data providers, and technology suppliers... all related to the deployment and operation of DMARC.


Directories link to individual records where detailed information can be reviewed and shared.


The DMARC specification and a lot more can be found at DMARC.ORG.