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Email Source: Ensenta


Known to forward email? no

DMARC Capabilities

Capable of generating DMARC compliant email for others? yes

Capable of signing email with DKIM for others? no

Capable of sending SPF compliant email for others? yes

Notes on Capabilities

DMARC: Ensenta supports DMARC compliance via SPF.

DKIM: Contact Ensenta to ask about DKIM capabilities.

SPF: Traffic seems to come only from '', the address of which for the moment is ''. Given that information, you could either add '' to your SPF (which would use 1 DNS lookup, but would account for a change of IP) or you could add 'ip4:' (which won't use a DNS lookup but bears the risk of Ensenta switching the IP and your emails failing). Either way, it's best to contact Ensenta and verify this information before making changes.


When deploying DMARC, domain owners often find new sources of email.

Domain owners then wonder if the source is capable of sending DMARC compliant email.

This directory contains information on the capabilities of various sources of email.