Generic Email Forwarder: Servers flagged as 'Trusted Forwarder'


DMARC-capable receivers can identify sources of email and flag them as a "trusted forwarder" if the receiver trusts the source of email and does not wish to apply DMARC policy against the email source. This local policy decision is specific to the DMARC-capable receiver.

Possible Action

No action can be taken unless the DMARC-capable receiver appears to be trusting an illegitimate source. In this case, contact the DMARC-receiver directly with evidence of illegitimacy.


When deploying DMARC, domain owners often find that email can flow through forwarders before arriving at a final destination.

Domain owners then wonder if the forwarder is capable of interoperating with DMARC.

This directory contains information on the capabilities of various email forwarders.